EXCLUSIVELIVESTOCK is supplying quality egg incubators and hatchers.
We have built our reputation in the incubation industry on quality and efficiency. Our egg incubators are quality that suit the needs of breeders wanting to produce their own poultry on both a small, medium and large scale.
We supply egg incubators to poultry breeders, hobby farmers, commercial hatcheries and educational institutions across South Africa.
Our egg incubators are manufactured in South Africa to international standards.
At Exclusivelivestock® egg incubators are widely used by entrepreneurs starting their own hatcheries and poultry businesses. Our incubators have set a new benchmark in the incubation industry due to their advanced features and reliable hatch rates.

112 Eggs Incubator

Digital Automatic 112 Eggs Incubator Egg Hatching Machine Incubator US EU Plug

Mini Incubation

EU Automatic Eggs Incubator Mini Incubation Equipment Farm 7 Eggs Household Teaching Experiments

Incubator Tray

144/36 Chicken Eggs Incubator Automatic Duck Quail Bird Poultry Egg Incubator Tray

Chicks Incubator

AC 220V-240V Mini Incubator 16 Eggs Incubator Automatic Chicks Incubator