Charolais Bulls

♦Breed: Charolais Bulls
♦Age: 1 x 18 month
♦Average Live Weight: 8-460- 820kg

Brahman Stud Bull

♦Breed: Braham stud bull
♦Age: 35 Months old
♦Average Live Weight: 400

Zebu Cow

♦Breed: Zebu Cow
♦Age: 8-24months
♦Average Live Weight: 6-350KG

Red Ruby Cow

We have a range of animals for sale from mature cows with calves at foot, to in-calf heifers, maiden heifers and store steers.

Lowline Angus

  • Breed: LowLine Angus
  • Age: 2
  • Average Live Weight: 400

Friesian Cows

♦Breed: friesian cows
♦Age: 1-2years
♦Average Live Weight: 370kg

Angus Bulls

♦Breed: Angus Bulls
♦Age: 10- 20 months
♦Average Live Weight: 460- 820kg

Holstein Heifer

♦Breed: Holstein Heifer
♦Age: 1-2years
♦Average Live Weight: 6-450KG


♦Breed: Shorthorn
♦Age: 14 Months
♦Average Live Weight: 350-450kg

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